This is more of a internal list for the webmaster, aka me. The reason it is open to the public is to allow for you, as a visitor, to comment. Feel free to add to this list via the comments section or even weigh in on the features I plan to work on. I also wouldn’t mind if you commented, “It is 2999 AD, why aren’t these features implemented already”

  • 6-Apr-18: Implement rating system that does not suck – New attempt with Post Ratings. Need to change the images from stars to smileys/li>
  • 6-Apr-18: By default exclude the PSFW category in all portions of the site – Home, Tag & Category Archives
  • 6-Apr-18: Display all category icons beside/under a joke title
  • 6-Apr-18: On the home page, add a counter of the number of jokes in the database
  • 6-Apr-18: Maybe integrate a twitter feed, though with this theme, there really isn’t an obvious place to integrate it.. Footer widget?
  • 6-Apr-18: bbPress integration with badges? Would it be too much?
  • 13-Apr-18: Randomize posts on home page (Complete, when you open the website again, new random jokes appear)
  • 13-Apr-18:Optional Randomize jokes. Regular readers (inner voice: As if..) may have seen it all and with the random feature miss new entries
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