I have always enjoyed a good laugh. I remember that when I picked up a Reader’s Digest, the first step was to go to the jokes (All in a Day’s Work, Humor in Uniform, Laughter is the best medicine). The thing is that these jokes began to file themselves in obscure corners of my head, only to pop-out when the current situation I was in had commonalities with the joke. I would tell that joke and instinctively, the next one would rear up and so on.

I decided to put all the jokes I know plus the ones I acquire into a common database. This site is the final result. You can expect all sorts of jokes here – long ones, quick quips, funny quotes. I am purposefully avoiding memes, images and gifs/videos. There are two reasons (1) There are so many sites on the net that do a wonderful job in this area and (2) I want this to be a site that one can visit for a few minutes and get as many jokes as they can (quick loading principle).

I initially wanted to keep the site squeaky clean – filled with the sort of jokes that you could tell your grandma, but then I decided against it. However, you will see that jokes that are not squeaky clean are never offensive or rude. I try to keep jokes in here to a level that does not get you fired for sexual harassment at work. By default, such jokes (under the category PSFW – partially safe for work) will not show up on the home page, unless you are logged in and choose to view such jokes.Planned for release soon

Have fun, share a laugh. If you want to add to the database, use our “Share a Joke” page and I’ll publish it as soon as possible (provided it is not really offensive/explicit).

I don’t think humor can be copyrighted and in the context of this site where the intent is to spread a laugh, I believe that material posted here would come under fair usage policy. Funny quotes, will most often be attributed to the comedian who said it. If you feel that any content here is copyrighted and must be removed, add your feedback to the joke’s comments or report it via the “Share a Joke” form. I can provide a link back and attribute you as the author. If this is not satisfactory, I can remove the material.

Credits: The site is meant to be textual in nature, so I will avoid images as much as possible. The icons you see are from flaticon.com

Special Note about Jokes in the Culture category

None of the jokes in this category are meant to be racist or to stereotype a genus of population. You could practically substitute it with anyone else and probably get enough laughs. If you particularly feel offended by a joke, let us know. Either we will convince you that the joke is harmless; the joke stays, or you can convince us and the joke is deleted.

Extension to the above: Religion is something close to most. True to this sentiment, no joke in this category would try to one-up/put-down a religion. At the end of the day, those who practise a religion are human and humans are innately funny.

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