After deciding to lose weight, a man sees a local newspaper ad that promises to lose 5 pounds in one session. Interested, he goes to the address mentioned, pays for a single session and he is asked to go inside. He is greeted by a gorgeous woman who tells him that if he can catch her, he can have her. Spurred into action, he begins chasing her. A good one hour later, fully exhausted he catches up. She asks him to step on a scale and true enough, his weight is reduced by 5lbs.

A week later, he decides to visit this gym again, this time opting for the 10lbs session. The lady inside is a knockout and tells him the same thing, if he catches her, he can have her. They jump across buildings, race over bridges, it takes him a full 3 hours to catch up. He steps on the scale and he has lost 10 pounds.

Soon enough, he wants to go back. Only this time, he chooses the 20 pound reduction session. In anticipation, he enters to be greeted by a huge hairy guy. With a smirk, the guy remarks, “If I catch you, I will have you”