Three top ranking officers of the army, navy and the air force meet at a military exercise and begin boasting about how their soldiers are the best and the bravest. Unable to agree, they decide to keep a challenge and let actions speak.

The army general is first. He calls a private, asks him to go unarmed to the nearby forest and bring back a skinned grizzly bear. The soldier returns in under 15 minutes with the bear fur. The general looks at the others proudly.

The admiral from the navy calls on his man. His mission is to sneak into the heavily guarded Russian embassy and get the ambassador’s seal. The seaman leaves and by the time the three finish a cigar, the seal is presented to them. The admiral can’t control the smirk on his face.

The air chief marshal doesn’t skip a beat. He calls a cadet and instructs him to run the parade ground a 100 times, while in full uniform and at the end climb the flag pole and affix the air force flag at the top. The cadet replies, “Are you kidding me? Get it done yourself!” and proceeds to walk away.

The marshal turns around to his compatriots and says, “Now! That is what I call bravery.”