Hearing the car pull up in the driveway unexpectedly, the husband turns to his lover and says, “Gosh! My wife is home early. There is no way to leave this room without her noticing. I guess I am done for.”

Frantically, he looks for a place to hide his mistress and suddenly hits upon an idea. Opening his wife’s makeup draw, he proceeds to apply copious amounts of powder on the lady. “I bet I could pass you off as a statue. Once things are clear, you can escape.”

Just as he is finishing, his wife walks in. “Ah! This looks new”, she questions, looking inquisitively at her now perspiring husband. “This.. This is nothing. I thought we could ‘classy-up’ the bedroom by placing a nice Greek statue in it. I got it from the art gallery in downtown.”

“Hmm.. It looks good”, she remarks and proceeds to freshen up, while the husband lets out a sigh of relief. Later in the night, the wife gets up, goes to the kitchen and takes a bottle of water, a sandwich and comes back to the bedroom. “Psst!”, she whispers to the statue, “Have something to eat and drink. I am sure you need it. Last week I was stuck as a statue and it was three days before I could escape and no one offered me even a glass of water.”