A doctor, a lawyer and an engineer were caught in a remote French village and sentenced to capital punishment. The mode of execution – guillotine. Resigned to their fate, they get ready and stand beside the device.

The doctor goes first. The executioner asks him, “Do you want to face up or face down when being strapped in?” “I prefer ‘face down'”, says the doc and proceeds to kneel down with his head between the wooden clamps. The blade is released and just a few inches from the doctor’s neck, it stops. The overseeing magistrate declares that the doctor must be released as per law.

When on the block, the lawyer is asked the same question, “Face Up or Face Down?” He too prefers to face the ground and is clamped in. The blade is released and like before stops an inch from the lawyer’s neck and he is set free.

The engineer takes his place and decides to go “face up”. While his hands are being tied and the head placed at the right location, he looks up at the blade and rope mechanism and exclaims, “Wait! I see why you are having a problem”


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